Have you tried the new st.Tropez watermelon tan range?

The self tan watermelon infusion bronzing mousse is the newest edition to the St.Tropez family.

Before I share my review I would just like to start by saying , St.Tropez is the first ever tanning brand I have tried.

so this is all new to me.


Let’s talk a little about the benefits within this product.

-Long lasting up to 10 days with a fresh watermelon scent.

-Infused with vitamin E for moisturizing and protecting your skin.

-Streak free , easy to apply.

-Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Prepare before applying

A key factor I learned before apply tan is to exfoliate and moisturize your body 24 hour before applying.


Here you can see a completely different change after the wash off. Personally in my opinion I felt the tan had a natural look As to the wear of lasting up to ten days , it lasted up to day 7 out of 10 with the top up of the gradual tan moisture lotion.

When it comes to the streakiness I could say it’s streak free and applied nice and evenly on the skin. I have tried one other different tan brand since St.Tropez by far have won it over for me with the naturalness it leave.It ticked all the boxes off that you need in a tan.

I have attached a direct link to st.tropez stockiest.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, and as always I love to hear some feedback back.

Until next time



Kennedy and co

Kennedy & co is the newest five piece men’s grooming set , Created by Darren Kennedy . This collection is vegan and cruelty free , with no added paragraphs or sulphates within the products.

Daily moisturiser with spf 20

This moisturiser is a lightweight formula which contains spf 20. A little fun fact I may add , I never used spf since I was introduced to the Kennedy and co range. I never knew how important it is to protect your skin from been damaged by UVA/UVB rays. There is three key ingredients within this product Vitamin D&E , sodium Hyaluronate which helps to combat lines, wrinkles and any dullness within your skin. This moisturiser gives your face a bright lift of glow as a result. I found the spf to be very strong around my eye area when applied. RP €12.95

Eye gel

I found the eye gel so cooling on the eye area. It’s helped to improve the appearance of my dark circles and puffiness. Just what I needed for my shift work ! The eye gel has a really light texture which observed into the skin. RP €14.95

Hydrating Beard oil

I have used so many beard oils before. They were so heavy on my beard leaving a sticky feeling within the beard. Since using this oil my beard feels more hydrated as a result .This beard oil has a really light oil like texture which I found so easy on my beard. Needless to say this can also be used as a face oil . I love the refreshing scent it has with the help of spear mint and cedarwood as the added ingredients.

purifying peat face scrub

This product is designed to help with a really busy lifestyle. It’s also acts as a two in one. Face mask and a face scrub, helping to remove dead skin cells and unclogged pores . Coffee extracts are added within the ingredients. Coffee ? I would have never of thought about adding coffee as an ingredient within skincare. So I will tell you a little more of the benefits with coffee.

The coffee grains help to exfoliate the skin lightly, which is easy on the skin as some exfoliations can be quite tougher. My preferred way of using this product was as a mask . It helped to remove some of my black heads as a result.

Hair clay

Im not a fan of hair clay if I’m honest, I don’t think I will ever be. I feel clay just doesn’t do it for me as a hair product. However, This hair clay is super easy to work with on your hair. It has so many added benefits within this product. It helps to stimulate hair growth and prevents hair loss , which is an added Bonus as you know gels , hairsprays can damage your hair. It’s great to see kennedy & co make a change within hair products.

The Kennedy and co range can me bought in pharmacy’s nationwide and Dunnes stores.

Until next time


My clarins

A few months ago I attended an exciting new skincare launch with clarins. To launch their new range my clarins.

This range is to targeted at teenagers and young adults. Amazing right ? I remember when I was younger I never really looked after my skin as much as I do now, Did/Do you ?

The range is vegan friendly, plant based and environmental friendly, which I think is a must have in brands. I’m all about saving the environment. There’s 9 products within this collection including, Three moisturizers suiting different skin types. Micellar water , Hydrating beauty mist , A night mask , Blur and matte stick , Cleansing gel and a clear out cream. Prices ranging from €17-€25.

Okay , let’s get talking a little more in-depth about the newest skin care sister brand Myclarins. Most importantly sharing my review on how I got on with the brand while I was using it.


The mattifying moisturizing cream helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes, while boosting your skin with hydration. I found my skin to feel smooth and hydrated as a result. I did notice a slight difference in my blemished areas , as to the prose they still remained the same , no change . The key Ingredients I was rather amazed by. I would never of thought about the ingredients choices within these products . What is the added ingredients? Coconut, Alpenrose , goji, fig tree , meadowsweet. RP €25

Re-charge relaxing night mask

I applied the night mask just before I went to bed. My face looked more plumed the next morning and refreshed. I found the Re-charge night mask super hydrating and soothing at night. What’s the benefit to this product? It’s to help with the days pollution and toxins in the Air. RP €25

Clear-Out Treatment

I was rather shocked by this product within the others . I only every applied on my skin when I had really bad breakouts. If I seen any breakouts appear on my face I would immediately apply. It has a light gel texture which dried up the spots also soothing the skin . RP €17

Remove micellar cleansing milk

Personally I am not a major fan on milk cleaners. I just don’t think they give my skin a better clean as to a gel like cleanser or foam. This cleanser gently cleans for a clean , fresh and radiant skin. It has a thick water based texture giving your skin a really light gentle cleanse . RP €19.50

All of the above product can be purchased in stores nationwide or online at

Until next time,



Loccitane have launched a new  range back in may. Yes, May that’s how long I have been trying out these new face mask’s not to add the lip balm. This collection is three new masks,lip scrubs and limp balms.



These three new face masks from Loccitane are made to work together and also can be used separately. while I was using each mask separate I found they worked best of me that way. I have never  seen a product be as effective as these three masks within just under  5 minutes .



Purifying mask

The purifying mask has been my most used mask within this collection. It has been one of my favourites between the three. This mask is  made with freshly-cut Thyme. The purifying mask has a puree like texture, which as a result is really light on the face.It absorbs into the skin removing the sebum gently exfoliating the skin. RP €32


Soothing mask

The soothing mask is made from freshly picked BlackCurrents with natural yoghurt. It has ingredients of magnesium and calcium which helps your skin to looks and have it’s best. This mask is very light and easy on the skin. The black-currents seeds are used to exfoliate the skin. The texture to the soothing mask is rather thick , but yet cooling on the skin. Where’s why ? You leave the mask to settle in the fridge (15 minutes )before you apply. RP €32

Radiance scrub

The last of the new face mask range to loccitane is the radiance scrub. This scrub is used to exfoliate the skin. It contains all natural ingredients which are fruit acids , such as jam like. It’s rather a thick texture but works just fine on the skin. RP €32

Lip balm

Loccitane have five new lip balms. This product work 3 in 1, it can be used as a primer , A balm which helps soften the lips. I found while using this lip balm it gave my lips a boots of moisture. I stuffed with really bad dry lips , but since using this lip balm , my lips are now as smooth as ever and more hydrated. It is rather a little pricey than you normal lip balm, but it’s definitely worth it , if you suffer from dry lips. There is also five others to choose from . This is just only one of them. I will add, it’s very rather tasty on your lips. RP €22

I hope you enjoyed reading all about loccitanes

Newest May collection.

Until next time





Eminence organic skin care

If you have followed me for a while over on instagram, I have chatted about my beard problem quite a few times now. I needed answers, and I found them!

I got to trial out the bright skin licorice root exfoliating peel from Eminence.

Eminence is a Organic skin care range found and made in Hungary . I have never tried any products from this brand before ? Nor did I hear about it.

I have been suffering with hair loss in my beard area. I was rather loosing confidence. I tried so many products and ways to fix this issue. Nothing seemed to work, I thought I would never regrow my hair loss. The only answer to my questions was to contact a skin clinic. So I did.

Below is a close up look of my skin. Just above my jaw line is were the problem was happing . These spots were really irritating my skin no matter what I used on them to try and clear them up ? Nothing seemed to work.

I recently got in contact with Thewicklowstreet clinic, back in June regarding my facial matter with my hair loss which was happing n my beard area.

When I attend the clinic , They first thought I had milia. I never heard of milia before . So I done some research into

What is milia?

Milia are small , bump like cysts found under the skin. They are usually 1/2 millimeters in size. They form when skin flakes or (keratin) a protein becomes trapped under the skin.

Milia appears mostly on the face, mostly common around the eyelids and cheeks , although they can occur anywhere on the skin.

After my invite to the clinic for the professionals to have a further look into my skin. I finally got answers to my skin problem. It turned out that I wasn’t milia, it was just really badly blocked pores which was stopping my hair growth in my beard area, and the access of sebum was casing all the irritation.

I was kindly gifted the eminence bright skin licorice root exfoliating peel. This product is a treatment for uneven skin which is also suitable for all skin types.

Bright skin licorice root exfoliating peel?

This exfoliating peel is a natural organic hydroquinone which helps to tighten dark spots. A youthful glow leaving your skin feeling soft , smooth and revitalized.

How I got on after four weeks of using the products?

While I was trailing the product I found it very sensitive on my skin, giving my face a rather stinging sensation. This product worked amazingly well as a result. I have attach a picture of my after result below.

Here you can see all the spots are gone and my hair growth is back.

Until next time



Hi guys,

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. As promised I wanted to get back into writing more blog posts which I loved doing and most importantly they will always be there as a referral for most frequently asked questions over on my instagram.

34233947-75D2-4047-82FC-6E948F98217FOkay so let’s get started!

I recently themed up with sharing some of their brand with you. This brand is a UK base brand for both men and women. They have a wide variety to choose from.

I got to select two items of clothing from the brand. I went for a bright orange top and a over sized denim jacket.

I went for a staple piece a denim jacket. I think everyone should always have a denim jacket in there wardrobe. Do you agree ?

It’s definitely a must have in my opinion. This denim jacket comes in a light wash hue, it has a button up detail giving the jacket the extra edge. This piece can be worn up and worn down in so many different ways and Suitable for all year around. The jacket RP €49.95.

I have attached the link.

Next up is the bright orange t-shirt.

As it’s Summer time here in Dublin, Ireland bright colours is a must. There’s nothing better than a pop of colour to your outfit. It always brightens up my day ! This t-shirt comes in six different colours. T-shirts can be very versatile for day/ night outfits. RP at €16.65

I really hope you enjoyed reading this fashion post with justyourout. I Can’t wait to show you more of what the brand has to offer. I have attached a full link to the site for anyone interested.

I will try to have more blog posts up and running as much as I can.

Until next time ,

Kyle !

Skin care change (Dr.Derm)

Hey guys !

So I wanted to change my skin care routine. I have been using so many different brands that just didn’t do the job as well as Dr.derm did .

I wanted to try something new and give you guys some feedback back. I was recently gifted the Dr.derm brand products from the guys at cosmetics Bulgaria. These products are a game change and here is why !

The three Dr.derm products I was gifted are the cleansing foam and peel, anti face serum and the sebum stop face cream. One of my hardest things to tackle for me with my face care was my blackheads. I have tired so many products from different brands to try and work on my blackheads , (nothing worked ).These products are prone to blackheads and bad acne on the skin.

I don’t have acne now but I when I was a teenager growing up I suffered so so bad with acne. Everyone’s worst fear right ? … it was mine! I use to pick away my spots on my face and as a result it left me with bad scaring(mainly on my forehead) area.

Here is were you see redness of my skin and the bumps and lumps(if you look closely). I don’t have bad skin , but I wanted my redness down a little and my skin more even. These products done the job.

My over all review

My skin now is so hydrated, soft and looks so much more clearer which I was so impressed with.

I would 110% recommend these to anyone that is looking to try out new skin care and maybe is suffering for an experience like mine. Cosmetics Bulgaria have a sale now the products I’m talking about above for just €31.00. Now is your chance to try them ! I definitely will be purchasing these products after I’m fully finished using them .

Here is a little video I made over on my instagram. I thought I’d share with you guys

I hope you guys Enjoyed reading my feedback on the Dr.derms products.

My style

I’m not a fashionista I’m just another lover of fashion. Sometimes it’s always a struggle (well for me ) to pick the right outfit for nights out , events or even everyday wear. The key to it all , I find it easier to have a few pieces in my wardrobe that are versatile and go with everything!

On here you will find three outfits styled with different clothing brands I shop in.

First outfit

I always love a good cap even when I have bad hair days and I don’t want to use any hairspray or gel , just to give my hair a break. This cap was just €3 from primark. You can’t go wrong , it creates an extra edge to your outfit. I have theme it up with a high neck jumper from river island, which is one of my favorite shops to shop from. Dark blue jeans can go with some many things. Theses are also from primark. I love a bit of comfort, so I added my new Balance runners to this look.

Second outfit

Horrible cold days and unsure what to wear. I always go to a comfort look, but yet trendy! Am I the only one that does this ?

I have style this outfit with different brands. I also like colour as you can see, different grey tones with navy !

My jacket is from jackandjones, themed up with a top from river island. My bottoms are from a tracksuit also from riverisland, that I styled with in this outfit.

These runners are my go to that are currently in my wardrobe. There from riverisland and I wear them in so many different ways. If I’m looking for a more dressy/casual look I would theme them up with a pair of trousers and a shirt.

Outfit three

Last but not least is this outfit. Looking for a night out and unsure if you are going to be overdressed and want to make the right choice? Well what more is there to be safe with trousers and shirts.

This stripped shirt is from riverisland which i bought on sale. Someone of you may not know I’m a bargain hunter. There is a haul over on my instagram I’ll leave a link below so you can head over and have a look.

These black riverisland bottoms are my favorite go to. They go with everything. I think it’s always good to have an item like that, don’t you ?

I love these Zara shoes. I only ever wear them as good wear. I couldn’t part with them when I seen them. I loved the strapped buckle, adding that extra to my outfit.


My skin

Today I’ll be sharing my review on the ps for men range on the mud mask that I picked up this week at primark for just €1.00. What a bargain right !

Just like everyone when your face breaks out you loose confidence, you feel down and you question yourself on how to treat your skin.

Am I using the right skin care or maybe its my diet plan .What’s the best ones to use that are suited to you ! The list goes on.

There’s so many different choices of brands to choose from at high end price or affordable price. You find the one that is suitable to your skin !

Here is a picture of my skin before applying the mud mask. Showing you the breaking of out my skin , as a result ! Skin care is something that I find personal to each and every one of us ,Would I be right ?

So before applying the full coverage of the mud mask I gave my skin a cleanse , with one of my favorite products that I’m currently using from the veebeautylnd range. I wanted to give my face a good clean as I Would call it .. lifting some dirt from the skin. Before using the masks as I thought it would be better for me.

After the cleansing routine I applied the make in full as you can see. I tired to make it as even as I could … but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I packed the mask in areas that where I thought it needed the extra TLC (tummy loving care ).

After leaving the mask on my face for 15-20 minutes I washed it off with warm water, washing away until there was nothing to be seen! Once I seen my face clear in the mirror I noticed that my face was red and felt a little tighter. These are the normal things.

The morning after the redness reduced ,My face looked so much more refreshed and it gave me a little glow ,!

For more insights of my blog I have attached my instagram link below.



Good evening guys ,

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee and writing this blog post about my experience of using veebeautyldn facial products.

I don’t really no much about skin care products. Anyways I was gifted this lovely set of products from the owner of veebeautyldn.

So long story short I burnt my skin from using a facial product from a different brand. I was so scared to try other products after that experience. My skin felt like it was on fire. I think the product that I used took all my oils from the skin , so I just used water on my face until I got my hands on the veebeautyldn product.

First up is the rose gold elixir oil. It helps with any dehydration and scaring of the skin. While using this product I found my skin to be much softer as a result. When applying on your skin it’s applied straight away, unlike some products it takes a few seconds to dry in .The ingredients in the rose gold elixir are all natural. It has pumpkins seed oil, argon oil , rose hip oil, primrose oil , rose geranium oil, orange oil , lemon peel , and 24k gold leaf. The product is in a 300ml bottle. The price of this product is £19.95. Personally I think it’s very affordable, and well worth the price.

The minute I opened this lavender and lemon cleansing balm I was instantly was hit with the scent!

You gently apply the balm all over the face area , it helps to life up dirt and grime from your face. When you purchase the cleansing balm it comes with a 100% cotton face cloth.

I loved this product as an everyday usage. It’s such a refreshing scent. It also comes in a different scent called rose. This product retails at £11.95. The ingredients used are beeswax, coconut oil , Shea butter , olive oil , vitamin E , lavender oil , lemon oil , tea tree and eucalyptus oil. It’s is a 6ml container and has 50g of the product.

Last product I was sent was this amazing clay mask. It comes in powder form. You have to apply a liquid of your own choice which you feel that is best suited to you. I mixed this mask with water. Veebeautyldn do recommend adding a few drops of their rose gold elixir.

Like all masks I would no recommend on using twice a week max! You don’t want to burn out your own natural oils in your skin, as I have stated at the start of this blog post. This product is also has natural ingredients.

The ingredients are bentonite clay , Australian pink clay , green clay , kaolin clay , rhassoul clay , lemon peel powder , rose hip seed powder , Siberian ginseng, cinnamon, turmeric , gram flour, ground Arabic coffee , chamomile powder and coco shell charcoal.

All the ingredients have no added chemicals are vegan and 100% organic . Price for this clay mask is £18.95 but there is a sale now on which brings the product down to £16.95!

My over all experience of using veebeautyldn. I loved the results after using the products and would definitely recommend this company.

I will attach a link to their site to view more of their brand.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

Until the next one !

Speak soon.