Skin care change (Dr.Derm)

Hey guys !

So I wanted to change my skin care routine. I have been using so many different brands that just didn’t do the job as well as Dr.derm did .

I wanted to try something new and give you guys some feedback back. I was recently gifted the Dr.derm brand products from the guys at cosmetics Bulgaria. These products are a game change and here is why !

The three Dr.derm products I was gifted are the cleansing foam and peel, anti face serum and the sebum stop face cream. One of my hardest things to tackle for me with my face care was my blackheads. I have tired so many products from different brands to try and work on my blackheads , (nothing worked ).These products are prone to blackheads and bad acne on the skin.

I don’t have acne now but I when I was a teenager growing up I suffered so so bad with acne. Everyone’s worst fear right ? … it was mine! I use to pick away my spots on my face and as a result it left me with bad scaring(mainly on my forehead) area.

Here is were you see redness of my skin and the bumps and lumps(if you look closely). I don’t have bad skin , but I wanted my redness down a little and my skin more even. These products done the job.

My over all review

My skin now is so hydrated, soft and looks so much more clearer which I was so impressed with.

I would 110% recommend these to anyone that is looking to try out new skin care and maybe is suffering for an experience like mine. Cosmetics Bulgaria have a sale now the products I’m talking about above for just €31.00. Now is your chance to try them ! I definitely will be purchasing these products after I’m fully finished using them .

Here is a little video I made over on my instagram. I thought I’d share with you guys

I hope you guys Enjoyed reading my feedback on the Dr.derms products.

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