My clarins

A few months ago I attended an exciting new skincare launch with clarins. To launch their new range my clarins.

This range is to targeted at teenagers and young adults. Amazing right ? I remember when I was younger I never really looked after my skin as much as I do now, Did/Do you ?

The range is vegan friendly, plant based and environmental friendly, which I think is a must have in brands. I’m all about saving the environment. There’s 9 products within this collection including, Three moisturizers suiting different skin types. Micellar water , Hydrating beauty mist , A night mask , Blur and matte stick , Cleansing gel and a clear out cream. Prices ranging from €17-€25.

Okay , let’s get talking a little more in-depth about the newest skin care sister brand Myclarins. Most importantly sharing my review on how I got on with the brand while I was using it.


The mattifying moisturizing cream helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes, while boosting your skin with hydration. I found my skin to feel smooth and hydrated as a result. I did notice a slight difference in my blemished areas , as to the prose they still remained the same , no change . The key Ingredients I was rather amazed by. I would never of thought about the ingredients choices within these products . What is the added ingredients? Coconut, Alpenrose , goji, fig tree , meadowsweet. RP €25

Re-charge relaxing night mask

I applied the night mask just before I went to bed. My face looked more plumed the next morning and refreshed. I found the Re-charge night mask super hydrating and soothing at night. What’s the benefit to this product? It’s to help with the days pollution and toxins in the Air. RP €25

Clear-Out Treatment

I was rather shocked by this product within the others . I only every applied on my skin when I had really bad breakouts. If I seen any breakouts appear on my face I would immediately apply. It has a light gel texture which dried up the spots also soothing the skin . RP €17

Remove micellar cleansing milk

Personally I am not a major fan on milk cleaners. I just don’t think they give my skin a better clean as to a gel like cleanser or foam. This cleanser gently cleans for a clean , fresh and radiant skin. It has a thick water based texture giving your skin a really light gentle cleanse . RP €19.50

All of the above product can be purchased in stores nationwide or online at

Until next time,


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