Have you tried the new st.Tropez watermelon tan range?

The self tan watermelon infusion bronzing mousse is the newest edition to the St.Tropez family.

Before I share my review I would just like to start by saying , St.Tropez is the first ever tanning brand I have tried.

so this is all new to me.


Let’s talk a little about the benefits within this product.

-Long lasting up to 10 days with a fresh watermelon scent.

-Infused with vitamin E for moisturizing and protecting your skin.

-Streak free , easy to apply.

-Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Prepare before applying

A key factor I learned before apply tan is to exfoliate and moisturize your body 24 hour before applying.


Here you can see a completely different change after the wash off. Personally in my opinion I felt the tan had a natural look As to the wear of lasting up to ten days , it lasted up to day 7 out of 10 with the top up of the gradual tan moisture lotion.

When it comes to the streakiness I could say it’s streak free and applied nice and evenly on the skin. I have tried one other different tan brand since St.Tropez by far have won it over for me with the naturalness it leave.It ticked all the boxes off that you need in a tan.

I have attached a direct link to st.tropez stockiest.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, and as always I love to hear some feedback back.

Until next time


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